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On m'adorait is out!!

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On m'adorait est sorti!

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19.06 - 9am University of Nairobi - Kenya

1.07 - 8pm Spielact - le Commun - Geneva



Hi :) my name is Meloe and I am a poet and a pluridisciplinary artist, working mainly with performance and moving images.

Want to get to know me better? Hit the contact button and let's start a conversation :)

SNOB - Première

October 2022 - Théâtre de l'Usine


My primary medium is written poetry. My wrting is primarily in French, but I have also written and published in English, German, Italian and Spanish.  Poetry gives me access to my subconscious and to something I call resonance.

In my latest book, "on m'adorait"/"they adored me", I wrote about my selective mutism and how it allows me to travel through time and constructs. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

I have developped my writing through spoken word; and have developped performances since 2017 and have performed in dozens of countries. Here are some trailers of previous performances. Curious? contact me for my portfolio!

I am dedicated to develop my subjectivity and to create this space for everyone, with a special focus on marginalized voices or voices who don't know yet they exist. Does your group or insitution want to be part in the development of new talents and subjectivities? I'd be glad to hold on a workshop. Here's a example of what I do.

“Il aurait pu être possible d'entrer si doucement
dans quelque chose de si dense
Quelque chose de danse
De danser si doucement
L'être possible”

"It could have been possible 

to enter gently in something that dense
Something dancing
To dance gently
The possibility of being"

HÂTE - Première

October 2017- Rote Fabrik

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