“Il aurait pu être possible d'entrer si doucement

dans quelque chose de si dense

Quelque chose de danse

De danser si doucement

L'être possible”  

"It could have been possible to enter so gently in something so dense

Something dancing

To dance so gently

The possible being"

Hi, my name is Meloe


I am a spoken word poet, a writer and a performer from Switzerland

I am a recovering legalist and historian; now advocating for restorative hErstory and justice; and for the access to unconsciousness and autistic life forms.

I am a non-binary trans person of african and european descent (they/them)

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I see them mired in their privileges

Looking for meaning in their lives

Seeking trees in their portfolio


But only my trees bear leaves

And only they make fruit

And only their roots lift their barriers


Only my trees oustrip their tired gaze

Only they are made whole with the whole and I see my joy

All the way up there

Fully up there in the sun


There is no Icarus in the realm of my dreams.